Aaron Torres

Aaron Torres ∷ Leader, Global Security Managed Partner Sales ∷ Cisco

Aaron Torres

Leader, Global Security Managed Partner Sales ∷ Cisco

Aaron brings over two decades of expertise to the realm of network and computer security, renowned for his adeptness in guiding organizations around the globe to build and optimize Security Operations Center (SOC) services from the ground up. His acumen in conceiving innovative services and establishing effective market strategies, particularly in threat monitoring, has significantly aided channel partners in attaining success with managed services.

Throughout his expansive career, Aaron has served as a pivotal security architect and advisor for heavyweight industry contenders, including Cisco, NetScout, Dell, Lancope, and Fortinet. His academic journey in information security engineering culminated at the prestigious SANS Institute, equipping him with the knowledge to lead and navigate complex security ventures for a diverse array of clients such as educational institutions, multinational corporations, and federal government entities.

In his current role as a Leader, Global Security Managed Partner Sales with Cisco, Aaron is tasked with crafting comprehensive Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) solutions that resonate with security channels on both a national and international scale, aligning with Cisco’s security products and services. His insights and thought leadership are regularly featured at esteemed security conferences like Blackhat, Cisco Live, and RSA, where he is both a sought-after speaker and an engaged contributor.

Outside of his professional life, Aaron finds relaxation and pleasure in the straightforward joys of playing golf and the peaceful experience of strolling along the beach. An ardent Manchester United fan, he also revels in the excitement and camaraderie of following his favorite football team.

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30 Apr 2024,

Sponsor Breakout: Cisco - Don't Get Rickrolled by Cybercriminals: Outsmart Them with Cisco's Security Suite

Aaron Torres, Leader, Global Security Managed Partner Sales, Cisco

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) play a critical role in defending against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. As organizations increasingly rely on these providers for robust security solutions, the integration of advanced technologies becomes essential for proactive threat hunting and streamlined incident response. The session highlights the pivotal role of AI in automating threat detection and response, enabling service providers to scale their operations efficiently. Attendees will gain insights into how Cisco Secure MSP Center facilitates managed services, optimizes threat mitigation strategies, and ultimately drives better security outcomes for clients. Join us to discover how Cisco's ecosystem of security solutions, powered by AI and orchestrated for operational excellence, can revolutionize the way MSPs protect against and respond to cyber threats in an increasingly hostile digital environment.

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