Anya Perelyhina

Anya Perelyhina ∷ Director of Product ∷ Kaseya

Anya Perelyhina

Director of Product ∷ Kaseya

Anya is the Senior Product Manager for IT Operations, focused on the IT Glue and MyGlue modules. Anya joined IT Glue in early 2019, bringing with her extensive product experience in large tech corporations as well as in smaller tech start-ups. In Anya’s product work, she is empathetic about discovering IT industry pain points, and passionate about transforming challenges into invaluable outcomes for her customers and products.

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30 Apr 2024,

How AI is Reinventing IT Operations

Anya Perelyhina , Director of Product, Kaseya

Unlock the power of predictive AI to supercharge IT operations, making IT documentation, service delivery, and financial management effortless. Dive into how AI revolutionizes the documentation lifecycle, from creation to orchestration, and slashes Level 1 support tickets with smart PSA automations. Elevate your financial performance by uncovering business opportunities and maximizing cash flow and profits. Embark with us to amplify operational efficiency and fortify your organization's financial destiny.