Brett Richman

Brett Richman ∷ Program Manager, Profit Fuel ∷ Kaseya

Brett Richman

Program Manager, Profit Fuel ∷ Kaseya

Brett Richman brings over 20+ years of diverse business and economics experience to his role as Kaseya’s Manager of the Profit Fuel Program, where he leads a global consultant team who focus on delivering efficiencies, through cost savings, to our entire client-base. Working closely with both sales and marketing teams, Brett oversees the strategy, development, and cohesive execution of all Profit Fuel Program initiatives at Kaseya that have led to a total client savings of $50M for the year of 2023.

In past roles, Brett held senior sales management positions at a variety of cyber security and disaster recovery firms, where he was responsible for building and delivering various go-to-market strategies centered around operational efficiency gains and subsequent hard cost savings.

Brett holds an BS from Colorado State (Pueblo), with a specialization in Sociology and its impact on various economic conditions

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30 Apr 2024,

Budget Breakthroughs: Transforming IT Spending into Exponential Returns with ProfitFuel for Internal IT

Brett Richman, Program Manager, Profit Fuel, Kaseya

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