Brian Allen

Brian Allen ∷ Senior Business Development ∷ Cii Technology

Brian Allen

Senior Business Development ∷ Cii Technology

Brian Allen is a seasoned leader in the technology industry, boasting over two decades of experience in software sales and IT. Rising rapidly through the ranks at Cii, he made significant strides as Vice President of Sales, pioneering the company’s MSP division and venturing into the federal space.

Brian’s pivotal role in securing funding and spearheading the launch of LobbyGuard, a revolutionary visitor management solution developed by Cii, solidified his reputation as an innovative force within the industry. His leadership guided LobbyGuard’s expansion into education, government, and commercial markets, ultimately leading to its acquisition by JMI Equity and merger with Raptor Technologies in 2019.

Transitioning seamlessly to Raptor Technologies, Brian continued his legacy of driving innovation and delivering exceptional value. However, his journey came full circle in 2021 when he returned to Cii, where he now leads the sales and marketing of the company’s cloud services MSP division.

Brian now is part of the launch of ClientOnboarder, a cutting-edge software solution developed by Cii and is poised to transform client onboarding processes. As he takes the stage at the tech conference, Brian exemplifies visionary leadership and unwavering dedication, leaving an indelible mark on the technology landscape.

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