Bruce McCully

Bruce McCully ∷ Chief Strategy Officer ∷ Galactic Advisors

Bruce McCully

Chief Strategy Officer ∷ Galactic Advisors

Bruce McCully is the world’s leading authority on how MSPs can successfully generate recurring revenue by leveraging third-party security and cybercompliance assessment services. Bruce grew his own MSP business from zero to $8.5 million before cashing out in January 2020. He then launched Galactic Advisors, a technology and services company that has enabled hundreds of MSPs to replicate his proven formula for success with training, sales support, content resources, and a turnkey assessment service that’s ideal for generating both passive income and upselling opportunities.

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1 May 2024,

Sponsor Breakout: Galactic Advisors - Closing Your Eyes Cures Cancer: The Myth That's Killing Your MSP

Bruce McCully, Chief Strategy Officer, Galactic Advisors

Penetration testing makes your clients more secure. Hackers only attack big organizations. Close your eyes and cancer disappears. These are all dangerous myths....and they're all potentially fatal. Maybe you've been relying on penetration testing to guide cybersecurity investment for a while and you think everything is just fine. But the truth is that this approach is killing your MSP, the same way that closing your eyes to cancer would kill a person. It's like visiting your doctor complaining about a tumor the size of an apple protruding from your neck and being told, "We looked at your echocardiogram. Your heart is fine." Even with penetration testing and vulnerability scanning, things like Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) get left open to the outside world, (RDP played a part in 95% of attacks in 2023), and highly exploitable SQL systems are being left wide open, thus leaving these networks ripe for the picking by the likes of ransomware gangs such as the Mallox group. Today's approach isn't working. How do I know? Well, we've performed 4,211 penetration tests in the last 90 days. We have the evidence. Join this session and find out how the myth of penetration testing is killing your MSP, and how you can protect yourself. Or you can just close your eyes.

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