Christina Santiago

Christina Santiago ∷ Product Manager in R&D ∷ Kaseya

Christina Santiago

Product Manager in R&D ∷ Kaseya

With over two decades of leadership and customer service experience, Christina brings a unique blend of expertise to the tech industry. Currently serving as the Product Manager for BMS and Vorex, Christina leverages a background rooted in financial acumen and customer-centric focus.

Prior to diving into the tech realm, Christina spent five years as the General Manager of a luxury fitness company, where they honed their skills in managing profitable ventures while prioritizing exceptional customer experiences.

Join Christina as she delves into the intersection of leadership, customer service, and technology, offering valuable perspectives for businesses aiming to thrive in today’s dynamic market.

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1 May 2024,

How to Reinvent Your IT Operations With Business Process Automation

Christina Santiago, Product Manager in R&D, Kaseya

Dive into the revolution of IT operations with Business Process Automation (BPA), the ultimate solution for IT pros swamped with manual tasks. Unleash the power of BPA to turn tedious "If this, then that" scenarios into slick, automated processes, liberating your schedule for bigger, strategic goals. With AI's entry into BPA, witness a new era of smart, predictive IT operations that are not just efficient but precise. Discover how IT Complete harnesses both BPA and AI to transform IT workflows, making decisions faster, operations smoother, and efficiency unparalleled. Get ready for a future where IT operations are not just managed, they're mastered.

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