Gill Langston

Gill Langston ∷ Senior Director of WW MSP and OEM ∷ CoreView

Gill Langston

Senior Director of WW MSP and OEM ∷ CoreView

Gill is a Managed Services product professional with strong background in sales, technical, and marketing collaboration. Having worked directly with MSPs for most of his career, Gill has a unique and in-depth skillset within the managed services and security space. Focused on taking MSPs to the next level when it comes to improving and modernizing their services, Gill strives every day to influence and drive passion to his audience and peers.

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1 May 2024,

Sponsor Breakout: Coreview - Efficiency Unleashed: Powering Up M365 with Smart Automation

Gill Langston, Senior Director of WW MSP and OEM, CoreView

Explore the vital role of automation in streamlining operational tasks for MSPs, focusing on the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Discuss the common challenges MSPs face in manual configurations, user management, and compliance enforcement. Introduce how leveraging automation tools can significantly reduce time spent on routine tasks, improve accuracy, and enable a proactive management approach. Highlight real-world scenarios where automation led to improved operational efficiency and cost reduction.

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