Jason Powell

Jason Powell ∷ Product Manager ∷ Kaseya

Jason Powell

Product Manager ∷ Kaseya

Jason Powell is a Product Manager at Kaseya, specializing in Datto EDR and Datto AV. With nearly 15 years of experience in the cybersecurity field, Jason embarked on his career as a security engineer, designing and managing services for a top 250 MSSP. Progressing from an individual contributor to the Manager of Security Operations, he led a team of over 25 security analysts. Jason’s commitment to security and operational efficiencies propelled him into a successful role as a Product Manager. Throughout his career, he has overseen multiple security products, including SIEM, NDR, and EDR technologies.

Jason holds industry certifications as a network engineer, security analyst, and product manager.

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29 Apr 2024,

Kaseya Certified Administrator in Datto EDR Training

Jason Powell, Product Manager, Kaseya

The Kaseya Certified Administrator (KCA) in Datto EDR introduces new technicians to best practices when deploying, configuring, and using the platform. The course provides the opportunity to become KCA certified in Datto EDR at a testing center during the event.

30 Apr 2024,

How To Win The Battle Of Endless Endpoint Protection

Jason Powell, Product Manager, Kaseya

Ransomware attacks are surging, while IT professionals face challenges in maximizing security tools within budget constraints. This session will explore enhancing monitoring, management, and security of users, endpoints, and networks by automating key endpoint management security features like patching, configuration hardening, and ransomware detection. Through real life examples, learn how Kaseya and Datto effectively combats ransomware, while saving time, money, and effort.

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