Jesse Whaley

Jesse Whaley ∷ Chief Information Security Officer ∷ Amtrak

Jesse Whaley

Chief Information Security Officer ∷ Amtrak
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2 May 2024, Main Stage

CISO Roundtable: Navigating the Cyber Threat Landscape From Boardroom to Server Room?

Jesse Whaley, Chief Information Security Officer, Amtrak

Get up close and personal with a panel of CISO luminaries from across the USA as they share their extraordinary journeys through the cyber threat landscape. Hosted by Kaseya's very own CISO and former FBI agent, Jason Manar, this exclusive panel discussion promises a mix of thrilling and chilling tales from the front lines of cybersecurity, from the boardroom's strategic discussions to the server room's technical challenges. It's a rare chance to gain insights from the best in the business, shedding light on how to protect your organization in today's increasingly volatile cyber world.

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