Jim Jessup

Jim Jessup ∷ COO & Co-Founder ∷ CyberQP

Jim Jessup

COO & Co-Founder ∷ CyberQP

Jim Jessup is an IT entrepreneur who is a technician in disguise. His passion for technology started at the age of 7 when he got his hands on an IBM PC Junior. Over the past 23 years he has worked for multi-national enterprise companies as an IT leader, followed by managing an MSP to operating and successfully exiting his own MSP. Most recently he co-founded CyberQP with the purpose of protecting MSPs from the ever-increasing cyber threats while making IT helpdesks more efficient. At CyberQP, Jim is focused on solving the biggest security and operational challenges facing MSPs today

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2 May 2024, Main Stage

Sponsor Keynote CyberQP: Betting on Zero

Jim Jessup, COO & Co-Founder, CyberQP

Join CyberQP's Jim Jessup and Cynthia Schreiner for an interactive session as we demonstrate how to assess the risks of managing your privilege accounts. You'll learn the pitfalls of persistent privileged accounts, and how zero standing privilege and a moving target defence can prevent threat actors from getting a foothold in your environments. We will also dive into the importance of End-User Identity Verification for MSPs of every size.

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