Jim Lippie

Jim Lippie ∷ CEO ∷ SaaS Alerts

Jim Lippie

CEO ∷ SaaS Alerts

A seasoned, self-motivated leader with a proven track record, Jim Lippie has a unique perspective on the channel. As the CEO of Thrive Networks, a Boston-based MSP, the company experienced exponential growth during his tenure. In 2006, Thrive was purchased by Staples, which was the first major MSP acquisition in the industry. Then, in the capacity as President of IndependenceIT (iIT), Jim helped make them one of the fastest growing cloud desktop companies in the world (iIT acquired by Cloud Jumper). He later founded the consultancy, Clarity Channel Advisors and helped hundreds of MSPs increase sales and profits by leveraging a cloud first strategy. As GM and Senior Vice President at Kaseya, Lippie oversaw the company’s global MSP community and was responsible for partner development. Today, he is the CEO of SaaS Alerts, a cybersecurity company that helps service providers protect and monetize their customer’s SaaS application usage.

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1 May 2024,

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Jim Lippie, CEO, SaaS Alerts

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