Jonathan Barnett

Jonathan Barnett ∷ Sr. Product Manager ∷ Webroot by OpenText

Jonathan Barnett

Sr. Product Manager ∷ Webroot by OpenText

Jonathan Barnett is a Senior Product Manager at Webroot. He focuses on Webroot’s DNS Protection; a solution which he has helped guide and shape since its release in 2017. With 20 years’ experience as a Network Engineer and MSP prior to coming to Webroot, Jonathan has a deep understanding Webroot’s market and the challenges facing MSPs.

When not building products for Webroot, you will find him pursuing other passions. He loves to sail and, when on vacation, he will ideally be gunkholing in the San Juan and Gulf Islands. Alternately, if you can catch him, you might also find him indulging his need for competition and driving as he campaigns a Spec Miata on the weekends in local NASA and SCCA events.

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1 May 2024,

Sponsor Breakout: Opentext Cybersecurity - One Protocol to Rule Them All: It's Always DNS!

Jonathan Barnett, Sr. Product Manager, Webroot by OpenText

One protocol to rule them all, one protocol to find everything! 40 years ago, in the forges of the ISI, one protocol, powered by recursion, was created to enable the Internet. However, due to its focus on scalability and performance, it became twisted, and we lost control. We will step through how you can avoid the curse of rogue DNS, and improve security and stability.

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