Ky Tran

Ky Tran ∷ VP Operations, Vonahi ∷ Kaseya

Ky Tran

VP Operations, Vonahi ∷ Kaseya

Ky Tran is the VP of Operations for Vonahi Security. Ky has been in the tech industry for over 15 years with an extensive background in leading global service delivery teams, systems architecture and providing CIO consulting to businesses. His experience spans a wide range of industries including federal government, large enterprises to small and medium businesses. Ky graduated from LSU in 2010 with a degree in Information Systems and Decision Sciences. Ky was originally the Chief Product Officer for Vonahi and now runs the daily operations and teams building our vPenTest platform that performs automated network pentesting.

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30 Apr 2024,

Unleash the Power of Automation: Elevating Network Security Through Automated Pentesting

Ky Tran, VP Operations, Vonahi, Kaseya

Cyber threats are evolving faster than ever, so maintaining robust network security is not just a necessity, it's a race against time. "Unleash the Power of Automation" is a session designed for cybersecurity professionals, IT managers, and business leaders aiming to fortify their defenses with the latest in automated penetration testing. Discover how automation in pentesting can enhance your cybersecurity strategy, offering faster, more frequent, and comprehensive network security assessments. This session will guide you through the benefits of integrating automated pentesting into your security stack, demonstrating how it can enhance detection, streamline compliance, and bolster your overall security posture. Key Takeaways: Efficiency & Speed: Understand how automated pentesting helps to quickly secure networks. Focused Strategy: Understand how pentesting can help with focusing your security strategy for your clients. Strategic Compliance: Explore how automation aids in meeting compliance standards effortlessly. Cost-Effectiveness: Discover the cost savings associated with automating your pentesting efforts. Join us to navigate the future of cybersecurity with automation and take your network security to the next level.

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