Mark Copeman

Mark Copeman ∷ Director ∷ Wingman Marketing

Mark Copeman

Director ∷ Wingman Marketing

Mark is a director and shareholder of Wingman MSP Marketing – an agency dedicated to starting conversations with prospects for IT support businesses around the world.

He is also the author of the books, MSP Secrets Revealed and Helpdesk Habits, as well as being the creator of the online customer service video program, and more recently, Website Success 101.

He is a regular online and live conference speaker on the subject of customer service, the power of habits, customer experience and online marketing for MSPs. His live MSP website teardowns are always a crowd pleaser.

A serial entrepreneur, in April 2018, Mark sold his 50% share in the 1-click customer satisfaction SaaS tool, Customer Thermometer, after 8 years of growth. He started Customer Thermometer in 2010, with his co-founder Lindsay Willot and built the business up to 1,000+ customers, winning the likes of Facebook, Dropbox and Dollar Shave Club. It was here he discovered the IT channel and worked with 100’s of MSPs to develop their customer service and customer experience skills.

Outside of the IT world, he owns an online fitness business, alongside his fitness instructor with 1,500+ members.

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1 May 2024,

Crack the Code to Website Success: How to Fix Your Website & Convert More Leads

Mark Copeman, Director, Wingman Marketing

Are you harnessing the full power of your website to drive traffic and convert leads? In today's competitive market, your website is more than just a digital business card, it's the linchpin for your overall marketing strategy, playing a pivotal role in attracting, informing, and converting visitors into clients. Join our marketing experts as they unpack how to craft a website that's not only visually striking and user-friendly but also a fine-tuned lead-generation engine that drives growth and success. From SEO and design tips to common mistakes and real-life MSP examples, you're sure to pick up game-changing insights that will catapult your website from ordinary to outstanding.

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