Max Pruger

Max Pruger ∷ General Manager, Compliance in Finance : Executive and Corporate ∷ Kaseya

Max Pruger

General Manager, Compliance in Finance : Executive and Corporate ∷ Kaseya

Max has been a pioneer in the managed services industry for the past 20 years. He currently serves as General Manager Audit & Compliance at Kaseya . Max’s first stint with Kaseya spanned nearly a decade, before he left to become the Chief Revenue Officer of CloudJumper (acquired by NetApp). Max began his MSP career at USWeb as a founding member of that company’s managed service division. He has also held the position of Senior Architect at IBM. Max holds a BS in Computer Science from American University and an MBA from the University of Maryland - Robert H. Smith School of Business.

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30 Apr 2024,

How Compliance and Risk Management Play Into Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Max Pruger, General Manager, Compliance in Finance : Executive and Corporate, Kaseya

In today's digital landscape, cybersecurity and risk management are two sides of the same coin. While cybersecurity solutions aim to protect businesses and data from evolving threats, compliance and risk management solutions focus on reducing risks while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. But how do these critical components intersect, and what role does risk play in shaping your cybersecurity strategy? Join us as we explore how organizations can leverage risk assessment and mitigation strategies to enhance their cybersecurity posture effectively. From identifying potential vulnerabilities to implementing robust controls, we'll uncover the essential steps needed to align risk management practices with cybersecurity objectives.

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