Sydney Hockett

Sydney Hockett ∷ VP of M&A ∷ Evergreen

Sydney Hockett

VP of M&A ∷ Evergreen

As a Vice President on the M&A team at Evergreen Services Group, Sydney is focused on identifying and partnering with business leaders to help carry on their legacy and bring them onto the Evergreen team. Sydney’s passion has always been around building relationships and connecting with people. Recognizing that every business needs a final home and Private Equity is often behind the scenes, she has built a career out of marrying the two at Evergreen.

Sydney has built relationships with hundreds of MSPs, is highly active in various MSP communities and has found a home at Evergreen for more than thirty businesses over the last four years. After studying Economics, Sydney spent time in the financial services sector serving the world’s largest private equity firms and getting exposure to a variety of different industries. As a result of this experience, she found herself drawn towards the deal sourcing and execution but missing the human side of the business, ultimately landing her at Evergreen where the firm supports businesses through their next phase of growth and beyond, with a focus on the people.

Sydney earned her degree from the University of Notre Dame and currently resides in San Francisco. When not searching for the next best MSP, Sydney can be found somewhere in the mountains or at a very extensive brunch.

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